Most Dangerous Animals


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Any animal can be dangerous at some point so it’s hard to determine the only one factor that would help us to define which animals are the most dangerous. I can consider even my own cat dangerous but in no way it can be compared to some beast like a bear. Today we’ll be speaking about mammals and in the next posts we’ll also research the most dangerous animals of other types as well as insects and will make a summary of the most dangerous animals in the world.
Animals can get angry when protecting their kids or territory or they can be hungry, or they they can be simply aggressive by nature. The bigger the animal is, the more dangerous it is and this combination with aggression is the factor what we’ll consider one of the main in the post today. Of course, we’re also taking into account the fatality statistics that sometimes as we’ll see does not depend on the the size of the animal at all.

10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World


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The top ten most dangerous and most violent animals in the world. With high quality pictures and the amount of fatalities a year. And yes, humans would take the number one spot but I have not included them in this list.

10. The Bear

As humans, we share our world with many different species and animals. I am going to take you on adventure showing you the 10 most dangerous animals in the world! 10. The Bear Like Yogi Bear, bears can be your best friend and make you just want to cuddle with them. But in the wild, are they the same way? Bears are extremely dangerous met 1 on 1 in the wild which gets them the #10 spot in most dangerous animal.
Fatalities a year: 5-10
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Dangerous Animals in Florida


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  • The puma is a dangerous mammal native to Florida.
    The state of Florida is home to a number of creatures that pose potential threats to the well-being of human beings. Although encounters with most of these dangerous animals are quite rare, the possibility does exist. Some of these animals possess claws, sharp teeth, and overpowering strength that can make a meeting with them quite hazardous, while others are reptiles equipped with deadly venom.